“Speak and incite from the comfort of exile”

HARRISONBURG, United States. — The phrase that titles this article is not mine, I heard it from the young Ana Álvarez Guerrero in the section “La mira”, during the last broadcast of the controversial official space edged.

edged It would be an objective program if it promoted an inclusive and heterogeneous debate to which all interested parties had access, including those whom it tries to kill with the media. Unfortunately, like any (mis)informative program of the dictatorship, it is not like that.

Despite the linguistic juggling and the good use of humor, its presenters destroy as soon as the program begins due to their manipulations, the scaffolding destined to export an intelligence used to prolong the suffering of the country.

It is true that many of those who present themselves in exile today as furious patriots did not even throw a trumpet at a mural of a CDR, but every man has the right to change and assume a civic position, to rectify his mistakes. Denying that part of the exile the right to incite democratic change in his native country can only be done by an agent of the dictatorship.

When Ana Álvarez Guevara referred to speaking and inciting Cubans from within, from the “comfort of exile”, she again demonstrated the cynicism that guides the program’s producers as a perennial collimator. Because the phrase implicitly carries a subliminal but undeniable pejorative connotation by attempting to criticize those who live in exile for the presumed cowardice of inciting change in Cuba knowing that they are not exposed to anything. Well, almost nothing.

The phrase that Ana Álvarez Guevara sent to the audience implicitly carries this other subliminal reading: “This is where they should do it to believe in them.” This interpretation, not at all misguided, reveals another crust of cynicism, because, what happens and has happened for decades to those who there have faced the enormous power of Castroism?

Ana knows very well that those in Cuba who have protested for something, exercising a Cuban and universal constitutional right, have ended up expelled from their workplaces, imprisoned with sentences that in many cases exceed ten years of imprisonment, brutally repressed by the police or exiles. And she also knows —because, despite her little face, she is no longer a girl— that the exercise of that right in Cuba is unidirectional, it is considered legitimate only when it is exercised to support the dictatorship. For having exercised it in the opposite direction, many Cubans are part of that exile that she and those who are part of the program make fun of so much, forgetting that, much to their regret, that population group is as Cuban as they are —I would say more so— and that the suffering and destiny of the homeland are also inherently linked to its existence. It is not praiseworthy to proclaim himself a fighting cock when he acts backed by the dictatorship.

For years, the official media have been trying to mark as haters and violent all those who oppose it and, above all, the Cuban exile community. But this is not to blame for the blackouts, the economic inefficiency, the hemorrhagic dengue epidemic, the lack of medicines, the growing deterioration of the education and public health systems, the critical situation of public transport, the lack of fuel and the blackouts. It was not the Cuban exile that hit the July 11 protesters (11J) nor the one who stopped them, forcibly disappeared for weeks and cruelly condemned them. Nor is it the exile that today represses the relatives of those prisoners just for organizing and asking for justice on social networks.

The only person responsible for all this is Castroism. Those who defend a continuity that refuses to listen to the demands for change that an increasingly growing part of the population makes on a daily basis are also responsible.

In their stubbornness, the continuationists forget even that phrase of “change everything that must be changed” of the very concept that, of its revolution turned dictatorship, made the main person responsible for the national disaster. It is precisely this retarded attitude of the Cuban ruling class that breeds hatred and incites violence.

In the program itself, Michel E. Torres Corona boasted that edged He has never told a lie. He confessed that listening to him almost made me fall off my seat due to the serenity with which this young man has come to accept his cynicism.

Lying does not only consist of making specific affirmations giving as certain something that does not exist, it is also reaffirming in the collective imagination ideas such as those that Cuba is a democratic country, a State of law and an example of social justice. and in that edged fight for the gold medal together with the Television Newscast, Granma, Rebel Youth, Cubadebate and endless official publications.

Michel also lied indirectly when he presented as allegedly false some events that these days have been relevant on social networks and avoided referring to others, such as the sad death of a young man due to the non-existence of an ambulance service or violent arrest. , before his own family, of a young man deported by the US authorities.

And it is that for these young people affiliated with the dictatorship the protests are unjustified because their cause is due to the “blockade”. For them, the cries of freedom and the vulgar phrases that are heard in these protests are from “confused people” or “marginals”.

The biggest weakness of edged It has been precisely to defend the indefensible. If it is painful to see how an intelligent person uses that gift to attack an opponent deprived of the right to reply, it is even more so when that intelligence also sides with those who oppress the people.

It occurs to me that in this “revolutionary” competition to achieve some dictatorial crumb, Ana Álvarez Guerrero has, among many others, a not inconsiderable opponent in the practice of cynicism. I am obviously referring to her namesake, the Spanish Ana Hurtado, whose actions indicate that she is not willing to give up the gold medal of fidelity to the dictatorship.

As the saying goes: “God raises them…and the devil raises them!

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