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Spain rejects “fraudulent” votes from Nicaragua: They were “a mockery”

Spain did not give credibility or legitimacy to the results of the presidential votes that it considers “a mockery” and “fraudulent”, in which the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) last night awarded Daniel Ortega almost 75 percent of the votes.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, the elections do not reflect the genuine will of Nicaraguans, since Ortega has deprived the people of the free and full right to exercise their suffrage and points out that, like the countries of the European Union and A good part of the international community agrees that the process has not had the minimum of democratic guarantees.

“The executive demands free, fair, transparent, and well-attended elections that guarantee the participation of all Nicaraguans,” says the statement in which they have demanded the immediate release of the political prisoners and the annulment of the judicial processes.

They refer specifically to 150 prisoners of conscience, including the last 39 arrested in the midst of the repressive escalation that began at the end of May in the electoral context, with which the regime eliminated political competition. Among the victims of these latest arrests are seven presidential candidates, civic leaders, politicians and businessmen, most of whom the regime has accused of “treason.”

Nicaragua lives under a “repressive regime”

The Spanish executive power has denounced the establishment of a repressive regime, protected by a repressive legal framework that has the connivance of the legislative and judicial powers, under the control of Ortega, which explains the persecution of different sectors in the political, social and media sphere. and economical.

They assure that this has reached the “point of outlawing the parties opponents, imprison their main leaders and candidates, all they are still in prison and deprived of their procedural rights, and the consequent denial of their right to participate in elections, to clearly fraudulent ”.

However, in his first reactions yesterday to criticism of the elections, Ortega defended the sovereignty of Nicaragua in a speech on radio and television, in which he attacked the opposition and the leaders that his system keeps in jail.

Spain also condemned the closure of critical media outlets and denounced the denial of entry to international correspondents, including a team from Radio Televisión Española on the border with Costa Rica. He also asked that the fundamental rights of all Nicaraguan citizens be restored and guaranteed and that they put an end to repression and harassment, while ratifying his commitment to the people with the donation of 1.7 million doses of vaccines against Covid-19 through the COVAX mechanism.

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