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SP: secretariats carry out mega operation to comply with court orders

The secretarias of Justice and Citizenship and Public Security of São Paulo launched, in the early hours of this Wednesday (14), a mega police operation to fulfill search, seizure and arrest warrants for fugitives from justice in the capital of São Paulo. The focus of the operation was minor offenders.SP: secretariats carry out mega operation to comply with court orders

According to the São Paulo State Secretary for Public Security, João Camilo Pires de Campos, Operation SP Protegida aims to fulfill warrants involving the internment of minors and the arrest of adults. “It’s a robust operation, with the participation of around 800 police officers,” Campos said. He informed that the operation is still in progress and should extend to the coast and the interior of São Paulo.

Of the 1,162 court orders that targeted 988 juvenile offenders [alguns tinham mais de um mandado], only 94 were fulfilled. Of these, 405 were requests for minors to appear for court hearings. In this case, ten teenagers were found by the police and will be taken to the forum.

On the first day of the operation, the authorities went to the address that these people have in the judicial process. “As of today, an investigation begins by the Capture Division, and then intelligence work begins to look for [os infratores]”, explained the Secretary of Justice and Citizenship, Fernando José da Costa.

The 94 teenagers apprehended were sent to Fundação Casa. “This is a historic number for Fundação Casa, which, since its inception, has never received, in a single day, such a significant amount [de adolescentes infratores]”, added Costa.

Asked why the operation was aimed at teenagers, the authorities that released the balance of the operation reported that minors and teenagers have been frequently used by adults to commit crimes and infractions in the capital.

One hundred arrest warrants were for people over 18 years old and, of these, 11 were fulfilled.

Among the arrests made today, four were in flagrante delicto. One of them was that of a man known as Veiote who, according to the police, is one of the best-known drug dealers in the Cracolândia region. The drug dealer’s wife, known as Harlequina, suspected of the same crime, was also arrested. They were arrested in a pension located in Alameda Barão de Limeira, in the center of the city.

Two people accused of breaking a car window to steal a cell phone were also arrested in the act.

Among the material that was seized today, during the operation, is a brick of crack whose value was estimated by the police to be between R$12,000 and R$15,000.

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