How beneficial would it be to merge the stock exchanges of Colombia, Chile and Peru?

How beneficial would it be to merge the stock exchanges of Colombia, Chile and Peru?

The market of Colombian stock exchange It’s getting smaller and smaller has lost liquidity but one way of looking for a new dynamism will be the merger of the places of Colombia, Chile and Peru, which this Thursday, September 15 It will be socialized before the Government in the Congress that Asobolsa and the Colombian Stock Exchange hold in Cartagena.

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Jaime Humberto López, president of Asobolsa, spoke about the challenges of the sector.

What will they present in Congress?

The global issue is on the agenda of anyone who wants to invest, because they must look abroad since the world is upset with the war in Ukraine, the rise in rates in Europe and the United States, the political changes in Great Britain, the transformation digital, the changes that are coming in the Colombian economy and the tax reform.

How beneficial will the merger of the Colombian, Chile and Peru stock markets be?

We are looking for alliances with similar countries and we are aware of the merger of the exchanges with a company that brings them together. That is the principle of integration that we have been seeking for years. If we look for analogies of integration and a single market, that is a good start because our market has been going down and is shallow.

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In regulatory matters, the stock market has not done well…

The capital market project did not manage to come out and if it did not come out we cannot refrain from aid with the new law, but they come out with the new taxes which discourages the spirit. We are going to trust the good sense of the government.

We are going to have the opportunity to listen to the President and his vision of the capital market and make him see its importance as it is a growth opportunity for the countries.

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Jaime Humberto López, president of Asobolsa.

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How did you see the development of the takeover bids?

Takeover bids are market operations. They have been happening for years and with companies that have been listed and are no longer listed, such as Bavaria, Avianca, Isagen. I would like this to stay in the business field and not in the media. It is about buying a company, something that is legitimate and others defend themselves legitimately. The formation of the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño was due to a special moment and they did it decently and they have helped the country with successes and failures and they are outstanding companies.

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