Southern Peru will restart activities in Cuajone after regaining control of the Viña Blanca reservoir

Southern Peru will restart activities in Cuajone after regaining control of the Viña Blanca reservoir

informed that after the intervention of the government authorities and the publication of the decree declaring the Torata district an emergency, order was restored and control of the Viña Blanca reservoir was retaken, which, in the next few hours, will allow the normalization of the water supply to more than 5 thousand residents of the .

With the presence of a group of company workers, members of the Regional Committee for the Prevention and Management of Social Conflicts of headed by the regional governor, Zenón Cuevas, and members of the Police, the damage registered in the landfill facilities, as well as in the water opening valves, was verified.

Likewise, the damage generated in the railway track owned by Southern Peru and the strong blockade of various access routes to the reservoir.

At the time of taking control of the facilities, a hole of approximately one meter in diameter was detected in the concrete spillway built on the south side of the reservoir, which is causing an estimated loss of 15 to 20 liters per second of water from the reservoir towards Cocotea Gorge.

Similarly, the water valve was found completely destroyed and it was found that all the radio communication equipment that was in the area’s control booth was illegally removed.

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These acts, which would have been committed by a group of residents of the so-called were verified by members of said commission and police officers, who drew up the respective record.

“In this sense, Southern Peru rejected the versions disseminated through the local media, by a group of leaders and residents of this community, who reported that company workers had destroyed and burned tents and other belongings left in Viña White”he noted in a statement.

Finally, the company reported that the operations of the mining unit of Cuajone, will be normalized after the railway damaged by the community members is repaired. Water will also begin to be supplied to the population of Cuajone in the next few hours, given that the resource will undergo a necessary cleaning, given that, when the valves were opened, a yellowish color and a fetid odor were observed in the water.

How do you remember the operations of Cuajone were paralyzed for more than 52 days, generating losses to the country greater than US$ 260 million in exports and more of S/ 400 million for taxes.


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