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Sosomo Rugs, the rugs by Soranyi Soliver

Sosomo is an acronym for the name of the entrepreneur Soranyi Soliver Mota.
The young woman dreams of creating pieces that are exhibited as a work of art

Childhood is one of the stages that mark the identity of the human being. That phrase is what describes the young Soranyi Soliver Mota, who since she was a child watched her mother and her aunts make unique pieces to decorate every corner of the home.

From that family experience the Sosomo Rugs project was born, a company dedicated to the creation of handmade rugs that show the Dominican culture, where the businesswoman develops her creativity and imagination through a personalized decoration item.

“I love remembering how my aunts were able to transform their houses. They made curtains for the living room and crocheted rugs for the food. One of the reasons for creating rugs stems from those memories of my childhood”, recalls the businesswoman wistfully.

He explains that, on occasions, he put aside his artistic vein for the ambition of growing in the workplace and increasing his income, however, he expresses that in 2020 everything changed.

He states that in that year he was able to reflect and put into operation all the ideas that he had saved for so many years.

In this context, Soranyi Soliver Mota says that when starting a business, the entrepreneur must know himself and what are the things that make him happy, so that he can transmit that feeling in his creations.

“In my experience, internal motivation is what moves you to work every day to make your ideas and projects grow. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing an idea materialized. If you are able to transmit feelings to the public through your creations, the satisfaction is complete”, she says.

Soliver Mota, who is a native of El Seibo, remembers her childhood as one of the happiest times of her life, from which she preserves family moments and her closeness to nature.

“My childhood was very happy, every day I remember it with more affection because over time I realize that thanks to the teachings of my parents and relatives I am who I am,” he emphasizes confidently.

He relates that his relatives are lovers of creativity. Her mother Soraida Mota, for example, worked with embroidery and clothing. While her aunts loved to decorate their homes with items they had on hand.

At the end of her secondary studies, the young woman decided to study Plastic Arts in Fine Arts, a place where, according to her, she not only developed her artistic skills but also lived a formative stage that allowed her to enter the world of work and work in several prestigious multinationals in the world. country.

Despite the success he had in his working life, he felt that he was missing something that would fulfill his professional aspirations, his own business.

“I have been lucky enough to work in several prestigious multinationals, but I always felt within myself that I wanted to create something of my own, until I started with Sosomo,” he says.

She says that at Sosomo Rugs she has been able to be herself and that every day her project gives her the opportunity to learn new knowledge and explore her abilities.

Before starting her project, she valued the idea of ​​painting, sculpting and sewing, but nothing quite suited what she was looking for.
The dream was to create pieces that people can wear or that are exhibited as a work of art in a gallery, which is why he confesses that his company is the result of years of accumulating ideas and concepts.

“I leaned towards rugs because I want to create functional pieces that can be admired and at the same time fulfill a need and shine on their own. Garments that complement the space,” she explains.

Sosomo is an acronym for the name of the entrepreneur, who at first pondered as possible names of the main landscapes where her childhood developed, interesting words for her, however, she thought that the project would be so personal that it should have her name.

Soranyi is 100% dedicated to her initiative. This project is his livelihood.

The businesswoman thinks about expanding her brand and continuing to create functional objects that transmit emotions.

Sosomo launched its first collection in May 2021, the items, according to the entrepreneur, were “satisfactorily” accepted by customers, who bought the entire collection.

I can proudly say that it was a success, we had to relaunch more pieces because we ran out of items”, she says full of pride.

She recently launched a new collection with designer Karim Rashid, who created two exclusive rugs for Sosomo.

Soranyi and Karim’s creative process was developed in the businesswoman’s workshop. After this collaboration, he plans to launch a collection in 2022 with his own designs.

Cost effectiveness

With about three years in the business, he says his income has changed remarkably.

“The reception has been wonderful. I have been pleasantly surprised by the interest that Sosomo Rugs has generated,” she says.

He affirms that little by little the project is growing and positioning itself in the market.

family role

Soranyi thanks her relatives for the education and values ​​they instilled in her.

“I feel very grateful to my family for the academic, artistic and human training they have given me, without their support I could not be who I am,” she highlights.

You can communicate with the entrepreneur through the Instagram account @SosomoRugs or through the page

The entrepreneur called on future entrepreneurs to study the pros and cons of the projects and to know the market before assuming it.

“I am glad to see how little by little we are growing and we can reinvest in the brand for its future expansion. The fundamental objective of Sosomo Rugs is to make Dominican design known in the world”, he emphasizes.

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