Somos Venezuela has created 26 sectoral networks

Somos Venezuela has created 26 sectoral networks

Through the We Are Venezuela Movement, 26 sectoral networks have been created.

This was reported by the organization’s general secretary, Vanesa Montero, during a press conference for the purpose of giving a balance of your activities during 2022, who added that the movement has consolidated structures in 21 entities of the country.

He stressed that this social political movement has 26 sectoral networks, highlighting among the most active: the network of women, entrepreneurship, youth, older adults, people with disabilities and that of peasants.

Similarly, the General Secretary of the Somos Venezuela Movement announced the creation of two new sectoral networks: the Animal Protection Network and the Comprehensive Health Network.

He highlighted that to date “we have served more than 74,000 different activities in the national territory. And one of the most important was the National Meeting of Activists, held in Caracas, with all the social networks and where more than 790 members of this Somos Venezuela Movement participated.”

In the same way, he reported the plans established for 2023.

“We will consolidate the tourism and Afro-Venezuelan network, we are also going to launch the country platform and we will continue the national deployment, we will also install the councils of the territorial networks,” he said.

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