Anyone who wishes can disassociate themselves from their vehicle "by their own will"

Anyone who wishes can disassociate themselves from their vehicle “by their own will”

With the matter “procedure for the detachment of a taxpayer from the automotive registry” and “by resolution of the 23rd Plenary Session of the Congress of Mayors held in the city of Durazno in September 2021, the regulations on the automobile registration of the DIRTY”.

This regulation that allows the owner of a car to disassociate himself from it “by his sole will” began to apply in June of this year 2022 and will now end in the month of December. However, there was never a campaign for those taxpayers who wanted to, they could use it.

Next, we transcribe the rule verbatim so that it is taken into account:

“ARTICLE 6 OFFICIAL SUMMONS. It is summoned for the term of 180 as of June 30, 2022, to appear before the Municipalities where a motor vehicle of any category is registered, to all taxpayers who by their sole will decide to disassociate themselves from it without any other condition than their declaration sworn. Those who do not appear within the set period and are linked to a vehicle are considered responsible for the taxes that it has accrued, as well as civil and criminal liabilities derived from its registration in the RVS.

On the other hand, those who want to apply this standard must comply with the following points:

• The municipalities will report these cases through Mantis

containing the information related to the separation of the current holder, for the purposes of its proper traceability in the system.

• By means of a SUCIVE functionality, the SUCIVE Certificate Help Desk will intervene said Mantis and proceed (after analyzing the information) to cancel the current holder, creating a certificate as a new holder that will say: “No holder assigned-disassociation” consigning in the identity card in the space “999”.

– What the municipalities will verify is that the person requesting their dismissal has extended the affidavit of not being related to the vehicle, leaving -in case of registering indebtedness for taxes- imputed to the automotive tax account. If there are fines linked to the identity card in the name of the holder of the procedure, the latter must pay them previously or agree to their payment through the SUCIVE financing system. The affidavit must have a notarial certification of the signature.

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