Some 38,641 people have benefited from Inadeh’s academic offer during the first six months of 2023

The National Institute of Vocational Training and Training for Human Development (INADEH), has trained 38,641 people, in the 2,718 courses taught during the first semester of 2023, according to figures from the Institution’s Directorate of Planning and Evaluation.

The figures show that, of the total number of graduates, women continue to represent a higher percentage, adding 23,608 (61%), while men who completed their courses or academic actions were 15,033 (39%).

While through the inter-institutional alliance with the Ministry of Government and Justice (Mingob) through the Penitentiary System, it was possible to train 1,665 prisoners from 24 compliance centers nationwide.

In addition, 1,935 certificates of completion of courses were issued because some of the detainees participate in more than one course of the 159 that Inadeh offers to men and women in the compliance centers.

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