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Some 200,000 pediatric vaccines against pneumococcus arrive in the country

The Psychology Department of the Hospital de Clínicas, during the past month, carried out 322 consultations in adults and 446 in children, attending to different cases, in addition to monitoring patients who are already undergoing treatment.

Among the most attended cases, the Department of Psychology registers depression and panic attacks as the most frequent among consultations. In addition, it provides follow-up to cases derived by the judicial system for the psychological accompaniment of the legal process, both in adults and minors.

“The time that a treatment lasts in children can vary from three to six months, or a year, always depending on each case, that is why the filter is made to cover the demand of patients, since the process that each case entails, in addition to emphasizing that the psychological care carried out by the professionals is carried out both in the offices and in the hospitalization rooms,” said Dr. Lucía Valdez, Head of the Department of Psychology.

He explained that consultations with professional psychologists are made through prior appointments, both for the adult area and for pediatric patients.

As for consultations in the Pediatrics area, they are scheduled in person at the box located in the UPA sector of the Hospital de Clínicas, from Monday to Friday (for the morning and afternoon shifts).

For pediatric consultations, there is a professional who performs the first care in order to refer them to specialists in order to make a treatment plan, be they with psychopedagogy, clinical psychology and referrals to other areas such as psychiatry or neurology.

Adult appointments with professionals from the Department of Psychology are made through the call center (021) 3399366 to 8 or (021) 3399371 or in person at the Office Tower of the Hospital de Clínicas.

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