In Colón they deliver supplies, vehicles and medicines through the Hive Plan

This Friday, August 19, the Ministry of Health participated in the Field Tour to the Colon Health Region in Portobelo, where the minister of the portfolio, Luis Francisco Sucre, delivered a vehicle, medicines, supplies and equipment to this population.

Specifically, a four-wheel drive car was donated to the region to reinforce health interventions and health tours. The Minister of Health delivered Alcides Saladino of water and sanitation, Edgar Coto regional director and Domingo Chávez, head of Health Services Provision, of disinfection equipment, supplies and pipes to the Colon Health Region for the improvement and rehabilitation of rural aqueducts of the district of Portobelo, with an investment of 23,223.87 that will benefit 1,922 inhabitants.

Medications, surgical medical material, laboratory, oral health and imaging were also delivered with an investment of 868,621.26 balboas. Sucre also delivered medical equipment such as: 5 vital signs monitors, 5 wheelchairs and a 4×4 vehicle that will be used to transport supplies and supplies in the Colon Health Region with an investment of 13,275.00 balboas.

In terms of vaccination, the Ministry of Health has invested in the Colon Health Region B/.5, 543,350 million and about 424,611 doses have been applied against Covid-19. In terms of health infrastructure, B/.535,904 thousand balboas have been invested in the province, benefiting 297,132 inhabitants.

Finally, regarding the Beehive Plan in 20021 and in this second quarter of 2022, the variable

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