Some 166 people were apprehended in ‘Operation Bishop 2022’

During the last 24 hours, the Security Establishments apprehended 166 people through 34 raids, 712 drug packages were seized and 1,187 violations of traffic regulations were placed.

In the arrests of “Operation Bishop 2022” carried out at the national level, 99 were for Trades, 50 for Administrative Misdemeanors, 9 for Flagrancia, 7 for micro-trafficking and 1 for drug trafficking.

During the operations, 4 firearms were seized, 2 cars with reports of theft were recovered, a boat was seized, 6 emergency evacuations were carried out, B/.1,574 dollars in cash were seized, an additional 18 foreigners were detected with expired stays , evasion of migratory controls, and alert impediments, among others.

The National Directorate of Traffic Operations issued 1,187 violations of the Traffic Regulations, of these 333 for speeding, 16 for proven drunkenness, 3 for alcoholic breath, 52 for inadequate lights, 24 for talking on a cell phone and 14 for expired licenses.

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