Some 122 cases of school violence in the Junín region so far this year

Some 122 cases of school violence in the Junín region so far this year

In the Junín region, the monitoring of cases of school violence that occur in educational institutions is carried out in order to prevent them and have a healthy coexistence. To date, 122 cases have been reported, of which the most predominant are: psychological aggression, physical and sexual violence. Cases of student violence, derived from bullying and mistreatment by educational personnel, are monitored by specialists from the Regional Directorate of Education of Junín-DREJ and the UGELs.

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The distribution of cases of violence by UGELs is as follows: Chanchamayo (4), Chupaca (7), Concepción (9), Huancayo (34), Jauja (20), Junín (18), Pangoa (7), Pichanaqui ( 5), Rio Ene Mantaro (2), Rio Tambo (2), Satipo (8), Tarma (3) and Yauli (3). To date, the Plan for the Prevention and Attention of School Violence 2022 is underway, with which, together with other strategic institutions, it seeks to implement and execute actions of prevention, punishment, attention and eradication of violence, harassment, intimidation and any act considered as harassment against children and adolescents.

Between the months of March and May, the use of the incident log book, compliance with the Welfare Management Committee Plan, the use of the SISEVE portal, among other issues of vital importance to provide safe spaces, were verified in different educational institutions. .

Meanwhile, in June, workshops were held with students and teachers in targeted educational centers to make students aware of the importance of taking care of their bodies and denouncing when they are victims. Prevention work was carried out in 12,000 members of the school community. The regional governor in charge of Junín, Clever Mercado, stressed that these entities -DREJ and UGELs- are in charge of following up on the complaints and proven cases where the aggression against schoolchildren is seen. He indicated that the second half of the year will be reported, for example, the number of teachers dismissed for proven cases of mistreatment against schoolchildren.

For the month of July, workshops will be held with students and teachers about the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying. Likewise, work will be done with parents in order to sensitize all members of the educational community about zero tolerance for school violence.

The fight against violence in schools is also reinforced by the actions of the JEC-Complete School Day Psychologists, and the school coexistence team where personalized meetings are held to be able to address both case care, prevention through strategies with parents and students.

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Five warning signs

In the case of school aggression, parents can detect certain symptoms in their minors, says the coordinator of the “Psychologists for School” program, Hugo Talavera, by listing the warning symptoms that a boy or girl presents when being a victim of bullying : he doesn’t want to go to school, he takes time to get ready to go to class, he can’t sleep or has nightmares, he is quiet, sad and avoids his classmates, he also doesn’t want to go out.

For prevention work, it was also integrated into all the apparatuses of the educational system, Women’s Emergency Centers (CEM), Public Ministry, National Police and Ombudsman. “The goal is to protect children who are victims of acts of violence and improve school coexistence based on approved protocols and that educational institutions are implemented,” said the regional director of education, Gustavo Olivera Cerrón.

Bullying in the school environment deprives millions of children and young people of their fundamental right to education. At the national level, the Specialized System for the Attention of Cases of School Violence (SíseVe), indicates that in May 1,057 cases of school violence were reported in the country.

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