Covid-19: Fourth wave is contagious, but less lethal

In the latest report from the Health Surveillance Directorate, it was shown that the number of Covid-19 infections grew by 152%. This new wave of cases is developing with high levels of transmission, but with lower lethality, said Dr. Fernando Galeano, president of the Paraguayan Society of Infectious Diseases.

“Right now the Ómicron variant is still in circulation, but with sub-variants. Considering the characteristics of the virus, a significant increase in cases is being seen, but it does not always translate into many hospitalizations. Although, of course, there is a percentage of cases that are still serious”, he maintained.

Unlike the adult population, the doctor recalled that among the pediatric population there is a significant number of hospitalized for Covid-19 and other respiratory conditions such as respiratory syncytial virus, bronchiolitis and even pneumonia.


Galeano pointed out that the current number of patients who come to have the swab done is not similar to the volume of sampling that was carried out during the previous waves. This means that there is a “large underreporting” of Covid-19 cases.

“Although an effort is made to do the swab and we even have self-tests, we are not at the 5,000 or 6,000 that we used to do. There is a significant underreporting of cases, many people have respiratory conditions, so we do not have the dimension of how many are Covid-19 and how many are not, ”she stressed.

Along these same lines, the infectologist added that “there are many reinfections by Covid-19. Also, this virus is mixing with others. This is something that usually happens this season. From the end of March, until July and August we have the peak of respiratory symptoms, “he said.


Vaccination is another factor that contributed to reducing the lethality of this new wave of infections, said the doctor.

“Immunization, of course, trains the immune system and prevents us from many hospitalizations. That is why we still insist on the importance of vaccination. It is evident that we are going to get the same, but the idea is not to go into the hospital and not die from Covid-19”; he emphasized he.


Unlike the first wave of Covid-19, which lasted for months, the last one lasted only three months.

“The last wave caused by the Ómicron variant, which was recorded at the beginning of the year, reached its peak in one month, remained on the plateau for another month and took another 30 days to begin its descent. The wave lasted three months more or less. Hopefully this one will be like that too,” he commented.



More than 7,000 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in the last two weeks. According to the projections of the Ministry of Health, the new wave of infections could spread to the entire country during the next week.

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