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Sofia Manzano says she will tax profits, dividends and bank assets

The candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by the PCB, Sofia Manzano, said today (24) that she will increase the State’s revenues through taxes that will be applied to the banks. In a Twitter account, the candidate expressed support for the National Unified Bank Employees Campaign promoted by the National Bank Employees Command, in the search for salary increases.Sofia Manzano says she will tax profits, dividends and bank assets

“Banks beat record profits, disrespect workers and increase working hours. I will tax profits, dividends, great fortunes and luxury goods”, argued the candidate, also defending the nationalization of banks.

Sofia Manzano also used the social network to demand, on behalf of bank employees, more “respect” from the entities with which they try to negotiate “more decent” proposals during negotiations on salary readjustments in the category.

In the morning, Sofia Manzano campaigned in Criciúma, before heading to Florianópolis. The candidate’s agenda includes interviews and visits to the Carlos Marighella Occupation, in Palhoça, and to the Amarildo de Souza Commune Settlement, in Águas Mornas.

Tomorrow (25), the economist and professor has an agenda at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), where she will give a master class. Afterwards, she will attend the 15th anniversary of Portal Desacato, the oldest independent media in Santa Catarina.

stay inside the schedule of candidates for the presidency for this Wednesday.

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