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So much doubt, makes you doubt

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Emerging Moyanism

What is behind the delays to build a train or a metrobus?

At this point, it is legitimate for us to ask ourselves what are the reasons for so many delays, postponements, postponements and cancellations in the projects destined to provide Asunción and its suburbs with a transport system worthy of being called such.

The failure of the Metrobus is so enormous and suspicious that it crosses all the limits of the rational. Was it due to poor project design, poor execution, or the operation of interests that were feeling directly affected, such as the community of carriers disguised as passenger carriers? Everything is paralyzed, not even the open investigation after the collapse of the recently started work seems to have reached any conclusion. Meanwhile, a destroyed avenue, thousands of owners brought to ruin and, once again, the citizenry hostage to the “service” delivered by some bus lines that we would not wish even to the most Jurassic of the tribal monarchies of Africa.

And then, the endless story of the thousand and one nights of the commuter train, or suburban train. Now they say, within the Government itself that is managing its implementation, that it is striking that an award by tender is passed, without transition, to an award by direct concession to the Korean company on duty in the fairy tale parade.

How is the story? Is the government itself suspicious about what the government is doing? Every day we are looking more like Argentina, where the Kirchner government, lacking enemies to fight outside, engages in turbulent brawls within the ruling troika itself.

It’s okay to be stingy with your penny and also to be careful when commissioning public works. But loosen up a bit and stop wasting time in abundance. All the procedures have already been invented and there should be nothing hidden or complicated in building a 30 kilometer long train. Above all, there is a higher good, providing a decent service to a citizenry already fed up with being treated like cattle on filthy junk buses.

Ministers, you are not there to waste time on anything. Roll up your sleeves and go deep with this topic. We are the last country in the Hemisphere with such a public transportation deficit. Synchronize clocks and pulverize, once and for all, the mafia of carriers that has imprisoned millions of Paraguayans in their dilapidated rolling cages.

It is urgently needed.

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