Los afectados no sufrieron efectos graves. Las autoridades piden controlar posibles fugas de gas.

Six people were poisoned with carbon monoxide in Quito

Three children, two adults and one elderly person were treated for inhaling toxic gases.

The time to take a bath ended in weakness, headache, chills and vomiting for six people in a home near Parque Inglés (north), in Quito. After presenting these symptoms; those affected called the ECU 911.

Three children, two adults and one older adult were treated for poisoning with carbon monoxide. East compound It is the result of combustion from heaters, heaters, stoves or other devices that use fuels.

The affected people were discharged after the intervention of emergency bodies. They did not have serious conditions, according to the ECU 911.

Firefighters carried out the ventilation of the home.

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