Sisalril: «Si ya han pagado el anticipo, las ARS están obligadas a devolverlo»

Sisalril: “If they have already paid the advance, the ARS are obliged to return it”

Feris Iglesias said that there are three resolutions on the collection of advance

“If they have already paid the advance, the ARS they are obliged to return this advance to the person who paid it. And in turn, that ARS, which deducts the clinic for the expenses incurred from that deposit. Of course, in these cases, affiliates they must go to the corresponding institutions to make the claims of place». It is part of the explanation given by the owner of the Superintendence of Health and Occupational Risks (Sisalril), Jesús Feris Iglesisas, on the collection of clinics from insured patients prior to any procedure doctor.

As part of the explanation on the subject, Feris Iglesias noted that there are three resolutions that make the situation clear:

The first is 156, which prohibits advance payment. The second, 165, “guarantees emergency coverage”, and 175 points to the prohibition of improper charging.

These regulations seek to minimize the spending of the members, assured Feris Iglesias.

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“If the clinics and the providers Health insurance companies sign a contract with health risk insurers, they must comply with that contract. So, if that regulation prohibits advance payment, what should the affiliate do? You must go to the DIDA, which is the body in charge of giving information and defense to the member or the Sisalrylbut concomitantly with that, you must call your ARS, whether public or private, and tell them the situation,” he explained.

When being interviewed in the program “Sol de la Mañana”, which is broadcast by Zol 106.5 FM, the official indicated that, due to a case of a patient who was asked for a deposit of 200 thousand pesos prior to a procedure, that person must proceed as he has already explained and those centers that are dedicated to said practice “should not do that, because they signed a contract with the corresponding ARS.”

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