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Single mother of four children asks the regime for a home: “They have not helped me at all”

MIAMI, United States. — Mary Leydis Espinosa Sánchez, a single mother of four children who lost her home seven years ago due to a landslide, denounced the lack of attention on the part of the Cuban regime, which does not provide her with a place to live.

Espinosa Sánchez revealed to CubaNet that, as a result of the tragedy, she had to sleep outdoors for several days with her children, a situation that led her to occupy a disused State building.

“They told me that I had to get out of here, that they were going to fine me 90 pesos a day for being stuck in this place, without a checkbook, with four children and without having a place to live,” explained the 33-year-old woman.

In all that time, the mother, a resident of the town of La Yaya, province of Sancti Spíritus, says she has not received any help from the authorities of the territory, who repeatedly tell her that she has to wait.

According to Mary Leydis, given the shortage of materials to build houses, the municipality of Jatibonico would grant her a budget to buy a house. However, the money has not yet arrived.

The young woman is dissatisfied with the treatment that has been given to her case. She assures that for years they have made many promises to her, but that her situation has not improved.

The only fixed income that the mother has is the support she receives from the children’s parents, a figure that is not enough to support them either.

Espinosa Sánchez recounts that a community social worker, known as “Disney”, told her that she had to take care of an elderly man so that the State would consider offering her help to take care of her children. However, she refused because she did not feel able to alternate that responsibility with raising her children.

Housing, a problem without a solution

Recently, the Prime Minister of the Cuban regime, Manuel Marrero Cruz, called for “alternative solutions” to solve the housing problem in Cuba.

The leader indicated that work is being done “on the infrastructure and the recovery of common services, but very little inside the houses and in emergencies that would give more comfort to the houses and tranquility to their inhabitants.”

“We do not stop recognizing the limitations, but there is also a lack of initiative, alternative solutions,” Marrero said during a plenary session with state officials.

Official figures indicate that in 2021, 18,645 homes were completed in Cuba, 58% of the original planning for the year. The statistics include state plans, subsidies and “actions by own effort that made it possible to finish 7,481 houses out of 16,579 planned.”

The authorities indicate that among the main limitations were the deficit of cement, steel, aggregates, imported raw materials for metalwork, sanitary furniture, among other items.

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