Prosecutor's Office, awaiting certification of copies of the JEP for statements by 'Otoniel'

Prosecutor’s Office, awaiting certification of copies of the JEP for statements by ‘Otoniel’

The Attorney General’s Office is awaiting the certification of copies announced by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) on the statements made by the drug lord and former head of the Clan del Golfo Dairo Antonio Usuga, alias Otoniel before that special court.

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Once the technical documentation and other elements that continue the information delivered by alias Otoniel before the magistrates are sent, the Prosecutor’s Office will designate the corresponding special investigator to initiate the verification process and respective preliminary investigation.

According to reports, alias Otoniel during several sessions before the JEP magistrates made accusations against different leaders politicians, officials, former officials, officers, and officers and other members of the public force, entities and even universities who allegedly received support or collaborated with the former self-defense groups and the Clan del Golfo that he had under his command.

Among the people who appear supposedly splashed by aliases Otoniel are Luís Pérez Gutiérrez, former mayor of Medellín, Milton Rodríguez Sarmiento, former senator of the Republic, Sabas Pretelt de la Vega and former Minister of the Interior and Justice, and former ambassador.

They are also marked by Jorge Noguera Cótes, former director of the DAS and Alan Edmundo Jara Urzola, former governor of Meta.

During another sworn statement before the magistrates of the JEP that lasted more than five hours, alias Otoniel assured that supposedly the former commander of the National Army, retired General Mario Montoya, would have carried out joint operations with the extinct self-defense groups.

This statement was delivered within the macro – case that investigates the chapter of the scandal of the so-called ‘false positives’ – in the vicinity of areas such as the department of Meta.

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Likewise, he referred to retired generals Leonardo Barrero and Henry Torres Escalante and stated that these officers were also allegedly in command of several soldiers who cooperated in different operations with the paramilitary groups.

During the course of the judicial proceeding, it was also learned that alias Otoniel provided information related to different politicians, governors, mayors, businessmen, members of the former Security Department (DAS) and even universities.

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