Since 2022, there have been four mayors detained: what precipitated Cayapa against Paraqueima?

With the express arrest of the mayor of El Tigre, Ernesto Paraqueima, this Thursday, May 4, there are four mayors arrested since January 2022. The attorney general appointed by the Constituent Assembly, Tarek Wiliam Saab, linked the mayor to the crime of incitement to hate. The burgomaster was linked by Saab with other crimes, such as “ordering the death of animals and taking homeless people to neighboring cities” in his previous management

With the detention Express from the mayor of El Tigre, Ernesto Paraqueimathis Thursday, May 4, there are three mayors arrested since January 2022. The attorney general appointed by the Constituent Assembly, Tarek William Saab, argued that the accusation against the mayor and initiated an investigation for promotion or incitement to hatred, foreseen and sanctioned in Article 20 of the Constitutional Law Against Hate for Peaceful Coexistence and Tolerance, with aggravating factor of protection for children and adolescents.

However, the same official linked the mayor to the alleged commission of other crimes, which draws attention to the cause that initially motivated the political accusation, and the opportunity in which the arrest and criminal accusation were carried out in record time. .

According to Saab, Paraqueima “has dishonored this place since the beginning of his tenure. When he was mayor from 2004 to 2008, El Tigre remembers how he stained the city with blood by ordering the death of animals and taking homeless people to neighboring cities. His actions have been terrifying ».

In his speech, after receiving a commission of deputies from the National Assembly (AN) of 2020, Saab said that, on March 20, “an ex officio investigation was initiated by virtue of the audio broadcast via Twitter through which Ernesto Paraqueima He made threats against local merchants.

sources consulted by SuchWhich and who requested the reservation of their names, attributed the measure against the mayor of El Tigre to various reasons: alleged “ties with the environment of Tareck El Aissami”, “with Fospuca” or a political invoice due to the “disruptive style” with the one that Paraqueima used to perform.

Express process against Paraqueima

The audio in which Paraqueima mocks the drawing made by Vida Asperger, Rotary Guanipa and the Colegio Divino Maestro regarding autism awareness was released on social networks on Wednesday, May 3: “Who painted that so horrible? ? Who did that? They tell me it was the Asperger children, what did they paint it with with their paws? What did they try to do there, a landscape? “said the mayor.

That same day at night, the first vice president of the PSUV, God given hair, In his television program “Con el Mazo Dando”, he announced that the mayor would be investigated for discrimination against autistic children.

«That man is crazy, these days he messed with women, it was ridiculous. But you’re messing with autistic children. The State is all levels and the mayors are part of the State. We will review and act according to how we have to act,” Cabello said.

Hours later, the burgomaster assured that the material was tricked.

“How strange, how casual that it comes out right now and that it has been somehow tricked, taking out of context some things that were not meant to be said,” Ernesto Paraqueima said on his Instagram account.

Subsequently, at 12:30 pm on Thursday, May 4, the AN he debated the mayor’s case and paved the way for his removal. After 2:00 in the afternoon, prosecutor Saab received a parliamentary commission and announced the accusation, as well as the arrest warrant. Expeditiously, at 2:58 pm, Saab announced the arrest.

In the regional elections of November 22, 2021, the leader, a candidate for the Democratic Alliance, won the mayoralty of El Tigre with 24,203 votes and surpassed the PSUV candidate, Jesús Figuera, by more than 4,000 votes, who obtained 20,084 votes, and he doubled the outgoing mayor Ernesto Raydán (12,425 votes).

In 2002, the leader participated in the creation of the Podemos party, with pro-government tendencies, and under the leadership of Ismael García.

On February 7 of this year, at a press conference in a hotel in the capital, the mayor Parakeima He stressed the importance of articulating plans with the leaders of nearby towns, regardless of political trends.

“We are not entering the debate on whether you are from the right or left field,” he asserted.

In addition, he assured that he did not support any leader in the presidential elections and even less in the primaries. “The Presidency is important, but at this moment I don’t see it, we have to step on the ground,” he pointed out when asked about a possible aspiration of Miraflores.

At the same time, he said that trade is encouraged in El Tigre with measures such as tax exemptions: “Most mayors don’t do it because they end up losing. But we are in such a complex situation that we need to seduce, we need to attract attention.

acting mayor

After the arrest of Ernesto Paraqueima, the president of the Municipal Chamber, councilor Lilys Ozuna (Primero Venezuela) will take over as acting mayor.

Before the arrest of the burgomaster, in a statement Osuna expressed his solidarity with children and young people within the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“From the Municipal Council we have been working to consolidate in the jurisdiction an ordinance that deals with the TEA, which was approved unanimously in the first discussion,” he said.

PSUV mayors

Since 2022, there have been four detained mayors: Ernesto Paraqueima and three from the PSUV. In March of this year, he was arrested Pedro Hernandez (PSUV), then mayor of Santos Michelena de Aragua. According to the information provided by the government, the arrest of Hernández was the result of his alleged links with the gang of Carlos Enrique Gómez, alias “Rabbit”, murdered in a police operation on March 24.

Keyrineth Fernández, mayoress of the Jesús María Semprún municipality in Zulia, was arrested on January 28 of last year. The Tenth Control Court of the Criminal Judicial Circuit of the Caracas Metropolitan Area deprived her of liberty for the crime of illicit trafficking of narcotic substances and psychotropic drugs, sanctioned in articles 149 and 163 of the Organic Law on Drugs.

He was also accused of the crime of criminal association, typified in article 37 of the Law Against Organized Crime and Financing of Terrorism.

Prosecutor Tarek William Saab said that in the case of Carlos Rafael Vidal, elected mayor of the Independencia municipality in 2021, “taking advantage of his position, and in complicity with other people, including family members and service station owners, they drove an organized crime scheme that worked in two phases2.

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