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Sinaloa presents plan for 44 thousand hectares

Irene Sanchez


Newspaper La Jornada
Monday, October 10, 2022, p. 16

Mazatlán, Sin., State and municipal authorities presented the management plan for the protected natural area in the Sierra de Tacuichamona state reserve category, which covers 44,675 hectares in the municipalities of Elota, Cosalá and Culiacán. It began to spread among inhabitants and ejidatarios of the region.

María Pérez Corral, head of the Ministry of Welfare and Sustainable Development of Sinaloa, and the mayor of Elota, Ana Val Medina, launched the surveillance committee that will be in charge of caring for, protecting and conserving more than 500 species of flora and 122 of wildlife.

The act took place in the ejido of Las Tinas, municipality of Cosalá, which covers 13 thousand 482 hectares of the reserve. Pérez Corral explained that the project to decree the protected natural area began in the town of Tacuichamona, municipality of Culiacán, in 2015; since then, he pointed out, the flora and fauna have been cared for so that they do not disappear.

In 2020, Sierra de Tacuichamona was declared protected, for which a decree was published; The reserve also includes various ecosystems and environmental services provided by the area in Cosalá and Elota.

Val Medina highlighted the importance of the ecosystems in Elota, because in addition to beaches, which attract tourism, there is the El Salto dam, where the mountain range begins, which is part of the jaguar and white-tailed deer corridor, endangered species. in extinction.

The inhabitants of the demarcations of the area were explained the type of actions or activities that can be carried out, since 13 thousand 483 hectares are of restricted use, 19.29 percent, of preservation, 43.77 of traditional use and 25.90, of special use.

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