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Simone Tebet proposes program to protect pregnant women and babies

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The candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by the MDB, Simone Tebet, defended this Monday (29) a set of measures to create a protection network for children, young people and their families. Called the Brazilian Mother, the project aims to guarantee care by the SUS to women from the beginning of pregnancy.

According to Simone Tebet’s proposal, the measure offers at least six prenatal care, a basic layette for the baby, transport vouchers and, among other points, medical monitoring for the newborn over a year. “There can be nothing worse for a woman than feeling the pain of childbirth and not knowing if she will get a place in a hospital to give birth”, said the candidate, during an agenda in São Paulo, alongside the candidate for the Vice Presidency, Mara Gabrielli.

The project sets education as a priority, with a special focus on early childhood and high school education. “We are going to complete all the unfinished works of daycare centers and form partnerships with municipalities to expand the number of existing vacancies”.

Simone Tebet also presented the proposal of the Youth Savings program, as a way of encouraging the completion of high school by Brazilian students. Through the initiative, the government will deposit an amount each year into a savings account for low-income students. The amount can be redeemed at the end of the course. Today, the estimate is that it can reach R$ 5 thousand. “We will still encourage full-time education and use 5G to ensure public school connectivity.”

Schedule 227

The agenda was part of the meeting with representatives of civil society, gathered around Agenda 227. The group’s name refers to the article of the Federal Constitution that guarantees children and adolescents a series of rights, such as health, food, education, professionalization and culture. The entity consolidated a set of 148 proposals, identifying problems and proposing solutions to obstacles in several areas that affect these population groups. Such material is being presented to presidential candidates.

Earlier, Simone Tebet said that now she is able to present herself to the country and that people are able to research more about the candidates. “The thermometer is like this, now we think we have someone to vote for. We don’t have to choose between the least worst, this is a two-round election.”

stay inside the schedule Monday’s presidential candidates.

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