Silicon Valley bets on Latin American talent

Silicon Valley bets on Latin American talent

The most recognized companies in the IT universe on the West Coast of the United States, which make up the conglomerate of Silicon Valleytrust more and more in the talent of Latin Americans for the development of technology (IT), according to a recent study on the sector.

From large banks to laboratories and technology players, passing through companies that use the technology to automate financial services processes. They have all begun to intensively hire technical profiles to strengthen their teams and are increasingly looking to Latin America.

This is what emerges from a study published by Austin Software, one of the fastest growing technology-based emerging firms in the United States that connects Latin American developers with companies with high business potential. Silicon Valley.

Argentina and Colombia, the leaders

Argentina and Colombia are the two countries in the region that contribute the most engineers and technical profiles, especially after the boom in teleworking and other remote solutions experienced as a result of the confinement imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Austin Software study, Argentina contributes 30% of the total talent hired in Latin America, followed by Colombia, with 27%, Uruguay (24%), Chile (11%), Mexico (4%) and Peru (two %).

“The biggest opportunity” detected in Argentina and Colombia has to do with access to profiles of technologydevelopers, programmers or engineers in high-performance systems with more than five years of work experience in specific technologies, explains Claudio Lombardo, director of the Business Growth area of ​​Austin Software, to EFE.

“The talent in these countries is incredible, not only because of their technical skills but also because of their soft, human skills, as well as their level of English,” the expert highlights.

Demographic, educational and technological variables also affect the selection of regional talent in technology of the information.

“There is not only one factor that determines these results; there are different variables that affect jointly, for example, population density, access to education, progress in technology or the level of English,” says Lombardo, who adds that professionals from countries that lack careers related to these profiles “have more difficulties in training.”

Emphasis of the technology financial

The companies that demand the most labor and creative force are, in this order, those dedicated to work team management, health, automation of financial services (fintech), real estate management, cryptocurrencies, travel and entertainment.

In fact, the annual report of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Finnovista presented at the end of April, which is considered the flagship document on the state of the “fintech” ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean, reports a growth of one 112% between 2018 and 2021, and that 22.6% of the companies in this sector in the world are Latin American and Caribbean.

“The fintech industry is one of the fastest growing globally, and its boom extends to practically all countries,” Lombardo stresses.

IT talent support

With the goal of sponsoring this ‘explosion’ of Latin American IT talent, Austin Software will invest more than five million dollars in the region to hire two hundred developers, system engineers and programmers of different technologies, including Golang, Node, React and Python .

“We look for the best talent, regardless of the country of origin. Although Colombia and Argentina today contribute more talent than the rest of the Latin American countries, it does not mean that we do not bet on all of them, because they are potentially a source of highly qualified and valuable resources” Lombardo emphasizes.

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