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Coordinator of pots said that she provided information but Mides confirms that she will not be given more support

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The Popular and Solidarity Coordinator Pots for Life (CPS) went to the intersection of the Ministry of Social Development (Mides) and he claimed that this saturday delivered the information that had been required by the portfolio. He also questioned the “ultimatum” that that secretariat gave him and that led to them being withdraw support as an intermediary in the distribution of food.

According to the coordinator, the information was delivered to Minister Martín Lema and departmental director Carolina Murphy. Also a letter, in which the group made a series of remarks. In that message, accessed The Observer, It is pointed out that in a meeting last Wednesday the ministry was confirmed that the report would be delivered with the data on how it distributed the supplies provided by Mides. Also that, on that day, the ministry transmitted that “he supported our work” in different pots and picnic areasso it was understood that from then on a “more fluid relationship” would open up between the parties and new perspectives for the future.

In this framework, the coordinator said she did not understand that the date of September 30 -proposed by the ministry as the deadline for the delivery of information- was an “ultimatum”. Much less, she emphasizes, after the tenor of the last meeting. The CPS mentions there a letter that the Mides sent them on the 23rd that set that deadline but that “did not mention conditions or that they were going to take away the supplies.”

The data was finally sent this Saturday since, according to the coordinator, the team that worked on its processing estimated that “the rigor had to be emphasized” in the delivery of the list of pots and picnic areas, and thus “avoid misunderstandings in the future “.

“For us, the supplies, despite the fact that they are insufficient, are very necessary for the voluntary and supportive work that we develop to face hunger and food insufficiency in our neighborhoods,” said the coordinator. she also that The ministry’s decision generates “anguish and uncertainty” in people who “already have enough problems”. to cover the work in the pots and in the picnic areas.

The withdrawal of support had been confirmed earlier this Saturday by Minister Lema, since the CPS “He did not prove the requested information on the distribution of supplies.”

Mides sources pointed to The Observer that the data finally provided on the day could not yet be collated. They did ratify that the coordinator had received 1,600 tons of food for its operation and that, beyond the deadline, the group followed a very careless action.

In the Mides, in turn, it was ratified that the CPS will be eliminated from the list of intermediaries and that the pots and picnic areas it served will now be able to directly request support from the Uruguay Adelante Collection Center.

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