Significantly Corrupt President

The Vice President of the Republic will be in charge of the offices of the presidency, since Abdo Benítez has privileged an absolutely unnecessary trip to the Vatican for the moment in which the Archbishop of Asunción, Adalberto Martínez, will be anointed with the position of cardinal.

There is no reason for the President of the Republic to be absent for five days, and even less so under these conditions. Abdo himself says that his vice president, after the significantly corrupt scandal, would have to resign, but nevertheless, he cannot impose that on him and now we are going to have a Significantly Corrupt president for five days who is guiding the destinies of a country , who apparently feels very comfortable living in corruption.

We are a poor and often corrupt country. US$1.6 billion is stolen from the state each year and that means a high impact on our hospitals, schools, and on our living conditions. Perhaps we Paraguayans deserve that a vice president who does not want to resign, at least out of shame, be our president for five days, just because President Abdo wants to get out of Paraguay and the obvious response, we do not deserve.

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