Shock in Brazil over the death of a fan

Shock in Brazil over the death of a fan

A minute of silence will be respected before Brazilian soccer matches as a tribute to the fan who died as a result of the injury she suffered on Saturday outside the Allianz Parque stadium in Sao Paulo during a fight between ultras from Palmeiras and Flamengo that had place before the match of the Brazilian Championship between these two teams.

Gabriela Anelli, Palmeiras fan, died at the age of 23 on Monday, two days after being admitted to hospital in serious condition suffering from a cut on the neck after receiving the impact of a glass bottle thrown during the incidents while in line to enter the stadium.

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“Thank you to everyone who prayed for my sister, but she went to live with her father in heaven,” he said. his brother, Felipe Anelli, on Instagram.

While, Ednaldo Rodrigues, president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), announced that a minute of silence will be observed in all the matches of the 15th round of the Brazilian Championship, which will take place next weekend, in memory of Gabriela.

The CBF, dismayed

The leader maintains that the CBF was working with the federal government and other relevant organizations to prevent “criminal and sad episodes like this from happening again.” “Football is passion and not a space for the action of criminals who infiltrate the fans to practice all kinds of violence,” Rodrigues said in the statement.

During the clashes between the girls, the police were also attacked with glass bottles and had to use pepper spray to try to restore order. The gas reached the stadium and the referee had to stop the game, which ended 1-1, twice in the first half because the players felt irritation in their eyes and nose.

The tribute of Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus, Arsenal’s Brazilian striker, wanted to pay tribute to Gabriela, calling the incident “a sad day for Brazilian football.” The player also tweeted: “Gabi was only 23 years old and had a whole life ahead of her, which ended up being taken away by violence in the stadiums. That we reflect and unite for the end of this violence. And may God comfort Gabi’s family…”.

Palmeiras and Flamengo denounce the event

“We cannot accept that a 23-year-old girl is a victim of barbarism in an environment that should be entertaining. We express our solidarity with the family of the girl from Palmeiras and demand a prompt investigation of this crime,” Palmeiras reported on social media.

For its part, Flamengo posted on Twitter that “on an occasion that should have been a purely sporting dispute, a young woman lost her life in a barbaric and unjustifiable manner that deserves to be rigorously punished.”

An ultra arrested and accused of homicide

A representative of the Department of Strategic Operations of the Police reported Monday that the person responsible for throwing the bottle was arrested and will be charged with homicide.

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