Shelter Network: more than 4,000 women were treated for violence in 2022

Shelter Network: more than 4,000 women were treated for violence in 2022

“Data with which Mexico remains at the unfortunate figure of 10 women murdered per day, exceeding the average in the last month reported with 12 women per day,” he said.

According to Wendy Figueroa, in addition to the registry of criminal incidents, the investigation of serious crimes and the complaint processes “continue to be marked by an absence of a gender and human rights perspective, becoming an obstacle to access to comprehensive justice for women, girls and adolescents”.

The RNR also reported that from January to July 2022, specialized and free accompaniment has been provided to 5,418 people, 80% of whom are women.

Of the registered attentions, 1,269 women reported having been physically violated, 1,978 women reported being victims of psychological violence, 458 victims of economic violence, 410 suffered sexual violence, 430 were victims of patrimonial violence and 372 women were victims of all types of violence already mentioned. Meanwhile, 143 women who communicated reported violence in the femicide modality.

In the case of calls and messages for help, in 29% of cases they were made directly by the female victim and 21% by a support network for women in situations of violence.

43% of the male aggressors were the victim’s partner, 23% husband and 2% ex-partner: most of the aggressors had an emotional bond.

29% of the women who communicated to the RNR reported having daughters or sons, of which 8 out of 10 girls and boys suffered physical violence.



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