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Mosquito hunting brigades installed in La Concepción school in Juan Díaz

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La Concepción School, located in the Juan Díaz township, officially launched the ‘D’ Day campaign against Aedes aegypti, called the Mosquito Hunting Brigade, with the slogan ‘Let’s keep our community clean and free of mosquito breeding sites’.

The program benefits more than 460,000 primary school students and encourages the conservation of individual and collective health and trains individuals capable of having extensive knowledge about caring for the environment in the surrounding environment.

The program has been developed since 2004 and trains students of different levels, guides them to be multiplier agents and, in this way, they share information through awareness sessions with the rest of the student population, teaching staff, as well as to parents. In these trainings, talks, workshops, cleaning days and beautification of the campus and in the community are developed.

The Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, thanked her Health counterpart, Luis Francisco Sucre, for the initiative of launching the Mosquito Hunting Brigades in this educational center that, with the pertinent orientations, the students of this sector and of all the country’s schools will strengthen knowledge about the importance of eradicating dengue-transmitting mosquito breeding sites.

“I want to congratulate the students, teachers and administrators of the La Concepción and Ernesto T. Lefevre schools, for their interest in being part of the Mosquito Hunting Brigade with the commitment to be the heroes and heroines of their community and that, with courage, they will save many lives, will eliminate breeding sites that are conducive to the reproduction of vectors and generate conditions for clean and healthy spaces,” said Gorday de Villalobos.

You are the guarantors of carrying the flag of a program that has been developed for many years, added the minister. Today we place all our trust in your leadership skills and we are sure that, with small initiatives from our surroundings, we will be able to keep our community free of the aedes aegypti mosquito.

He exhorted the directors and teachers of the educational centers to continue their educational work and, at the same time, be the permanent motivators of the students, who generate interest in knowledge for deep learning that satisfies the expectations and curiosity of them, through the use of new study tools and strategies, linked to the generation of clean and healthy spaces.
Institutions such as the Ministry of Health, represent those strategic allies that help us in the development of important programs and the promotion of activities to strengthen and promote a culture of prevention in educational centers throughout the national territory.

In addition to the Ministers of Education and Health, Pedro Castillo, director of the Cleaning Authority; Imelda Sucre, representative of the district of Juan Díaz; Norma Cedeño, director of La Concepción School; Aurora Ayala, director of CE Ernesto T. Lefevre; authorities from the Ministries of Health and Education, teaching and administrative staff, students and parents.

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