Sheinbaum: All public schools in CDMX will have free Wi-Fi this year

Sheinbaum: All public schools in CDMX will have free Wi-Fi this year

He indicated that the computer centers of the schools that are usually abandoned due to lack of internet will be connected, in addition to installing a free central connection point in each campus. To the schools, the installation of Wi-Fi points will be added in 3,200 housing units.

“We are also going to connect nearly 3,200 housing units in the city to free internet, free Wi-Fi, obviously starting with those with the fewest resources, social interest units,” the president announced.

One day before Internet Day, Sheinbaum highlighted that at the beginning of his administration there were 100 free internet connection points in Mexico City and there are currently more than 22,000, mostly through the C5 poles that have been connected with fiber optics.

“It is an effort that we have made from the city government, kilometers and kilometers and kilometers of fiber optics that the city government has paid for have been attended to with telephone companies, it is an investment of 1,500 million pesos,” he assured.

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