Perdió a su bebé y ofreció $15 millones para que mataran a una embarazada, se quedaría con el recién nacido en Soacha

She lost her baby and offered $15 million to kill a pregnant woman, she would keep the newborn in Soacha

The rugged case was recorded in a rural area of ​​Cundinamarca, the same local mayor revealed details: “It’s a psychiatric issue”, a woman who lost her baby, paid to keep the one of a pregnant street dweller.

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When the country does not recover from the murder of two minors in a massacre in Tame this weekend, another lurid story is known: a woman would have paid to have the baby taken out of her belly, the baby of a street dweller in Soacha, Cundinamarca .

The perpetrator of the crime and the kidnapping of the newborn had lost her baby two months earlier.

“This is a psychiatric issue,” declared Mayor Juan Carlos Saldarriaga.

It indicated that “in the first inquiries, the same husband says that he did not know that the woman had lost her baby.” The plan was, to maintain the lie of her pregnancy, and present the kidnapped newborn as her child.

they cheated on her

What has transpired so far is that Sandra Johana Á. Solano, she was homeless but she was already in an advanced state of pregnancy and was deceived.

The woman who had her baby stolen approached her to give her “some help”.

He made her believe that she was pregnant too and that he was accompanying her in the process, until he gained her trust.

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Álvarez Solano, from Garagoa, Boyacá, was taken to a kind of Páramo, in the rural area of ​​Chacua Primavera, in the corregimiento where she was killed.

They cut her throat, it is presumed that the street dweller did not act alone, and they performed a cesarean section right there to remove the newborn.

Of the crime, a subject is pointed out, in a situation of indigence, to whom the intellectual author would have offered a payment of $15,000,000. After the homicide, she had to deliver the baby.

F. The woman identified as the mastermind was captured.

Saldarriaga confirmed that the newborn was recovered and is in the custody of the ICBF in Cundinamarca. They are looking for the murderer and the woman who paid for the crime, they have already identified her and she is in custody.

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