She denounced having been abused by 3 young people and one of them died of cardiac arrest

She denounced having been abused by 3 young people and one of them died of cardiac arrest

The incident occurred in an apartment located on Calle Cuenta at 240 (Photo: Google Street View).

A 20 year old reported being drugged and sexually abused by three men inside an apartment in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Santa Rita, of which one of them died of cardiac arrest after firefighters rescued him while trying commit suicidePolice sources reported this Sunday.

The young woman told the City Police officers that she had been sexually abused by at least three young people in a nearby apartment, located on the street count to 2400a few blocks from where he was.

Given this, the troops requested an ambulance from the Emergency Medical Care System (SAME), who transferred the victim to the Alvarez Hospital for your attention and that is in the care of a police consignment.

Meanwhile, before consulting the National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office 42, in charge of the prosecutor Charles Velardeit was ordered that the agents appear in the apartment denounced by the victim to establish if the denounced ones resided there.

Arriving at the place, several neighbors reported that a man was hanging from the cables that led to the lung of the buildingso the presence of the City Fire Rescue Group was quickly requested.

Upon learning that the person in question was the King himself, one of the young people identified by the victim of abuse.

The young man, whom the victim had indicated as one of the perpetrators of the abusewas rescued through a window, but began to convulseso the firefighters and SAME personnel assisted him with resuscitation maneuvers, and finally passed away.

When inspecting the building, the Police found on a terrace on the 2nd floor of the building a small nylon bag with a substance similar to cocainea set of car keys and a lighter, which investigators believe the young man dropped at the time of the rescue.

Prosecutor Velarde, before the National Criminal and Correctional Court 15, ordered the transfer of the body of the young man to the judicial morgue and the seizure of the clothing of the complainant to determine if you were a victim of sexual abuse.

In addition, the prosecutor will await the moment he can give his testimony to establish if there were more people inside the department.

In the house there was a great disorder in all rooms and a large number of bottles of alcoholic beverages, so items of interest for the investigation were seized.

(Line 144: care, support and advice in situations of gender violence. By Whatsapp: +5491127716463).

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