Several injured leave terrorist attack in Cali

Several injured leave terrorist attack in Cali

The tranquility of the Villa del Sur neighborhood was affected when an explosive device exploded affecting an Esmad vehicle where members of the public force were transported.

The explosion affected several homes around with serious damages such as broken glass, cracks in the walls. On the other hand, neighbors of the sector claim to be dizzy and dazed.

“We were eating when they planted a bomb in the corner and the explosion happened. Nothing happened to my family but All the glass broke and we’re stunned said Jhoan, a resident of the parking lot that is located next to the scene of the events.

“We lived next door when it happened a loud bang that broke the windows of the house as well as the vehicles we take care of. Up to now I don’t know if my neighbors are hurt “, assured inhabitant of the sector.

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According to Jimmy Dranguet, Undersecretary of Inspection, Vigilance and Control of Cali, the first report gives an account of 13 people injured, two of them seriously. On the other hand, the Secretary of Security and Justice, Carlos Soler indicated that Among the injured, ten are members of the Esmad who were inside the vehicle and were transported injured by several ambulances towards three healthcare centers.

Soler also offered a $ 70 million reward for those responsible for the events and condemned this terrorist attack, also asked the citizens to leave the place while blast technicians look for a possible second artifact.

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At the scene of the events, damage to the neighborhood aqueduct, stunned children, highly nervous people from the impact, homes affected and several injured.

Similarly, residents of the sector assure that the most affected was a domiciliary who was next to the Esmad vehicle where the artifact exploded.

“We were calm when The roof began to fall and the windows of the house began to explodeWe went out and saw that the explosion was in the Esmad vehicle, “said Yaneth Bolaños, a resident of the sector.

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According to the report of the Cali Firefighters, the emergency was attended with three ambulances with six paramedics, two fire extinguishers and eight fire brigade units.

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