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Several graves are desecrated in the new cemetery of Pueblo Nuevo, Estelí

Several graves are desecrated in the new cemetery of Pueblo Nuevo, Estelí

Damage to the walls of its perimeter wall, to its ceramics, to the gates, detachment of ornamental images and damage to several tombs, was what residents found this January 1st in the new cemetery of Pueblo Nuevo, department of Estelí.

Citizens, including Oswaldo Rocha, exposed the situation and expressed their concern about what happened. They also indicated that until this Wednesday, January 4, they had no indication of those responsible. Rocha said that police officers went to the Camposanto to investigate the case.

The desecrators caused serious damage to several graves in the Camposanto. Photo: Courtesy.

One of the tombs affected was that of the mother of the renowned professor Leónidas Pérez. An image of Christ was detached from the tombstone, which is valued at 6,000 córdobas.

Apparently, the criminals intended to take the image, but they could not and it remained on the site, hanging, so the teacher decided to remove it, at the risk that it would be presented again.


Due to what happened, the citizens were outraged and demand the action of the authorities. Through the social network Facebook, the resident Eveling Acevedo recalled that some time ago the tomb of her grandfather Guilebaldo Acevedo was also affected.

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He said that the family reported the facts and managed to find the thieves, who were forced to pay for the damages and were handed over to the authorities.

Rocha, for his part, demanded vigilance in the cemeteries, to avoid further desecration and destruction.

By: United Voices.

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