Sixty-five foreign delegations confirmed their presence at the inauguration

Seven governors of the North take office this Sunday

Clécio Luís, from Solidariedade, who will govern Amapá, was the country’s first governor to take office. He was sworn in at dawn on January 1, at the State Legislative Assembly. Clécio is a geography teacher, has been a councilor, and mayor of the capital Macapá. In the inauguration speech, he addressed points of the government program and the importance of the support of the people of Amapa.Seven governors of the North take office this Sunday

At 8:30 am it was the turn of Wanderlei Barbosa, from Republicans, in Tocantins. He was a councilor and deputy. In the speech, Wanderlei highlighted some of the main points of his previous government and added that he will create a superintendence for the health care of people with disabilities.

In Pará, Helder Barbalho, from the MDB, was also sworn in in the morning. The ceremony took place at the Lauro Sodré Palace. Barbalho has a degree in administration, and has already been a councilor, deputy and mayor. At the ceremony, he spoke about the state’s fiscal situation in his first term and the work done to reverse the scenario.

At 3:30 pm, Marcos Rocha, from União Brasil, also re-elected governor, took office in Rondônia. The ceremony took place at Teatro Palácio das Artes, in Porto Velho.

The other governors of the North Region were sworn in at 5 pm. In Acre, re-elected governor Gladson Cameli, from the PP, took over. Cameli is an engineer and has held the positions of federal deputy and senator.

In Amazonas, another re-election. Wilson Lima, from União Brasil will lead the state executive for another 4 years. Lima was born in the city of Santarém, in Pará, and is a journalist.

In Roraima, who took over was Antonio Oliverio Garcia De Almeida, known as Antonio Denarium, from the PP. He’s a businessman. The inauguration ceremony took place at Deputy Noêmia Bastos Amazonas Plenary.

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