Seven drug dealers caught in a car

Seven drug dealers caught in a car

During an operation carried out inside the Mercado Mayor de Coche, seven members of a gang dedicated to the sale of drugs were arrested, according to police sources.

Agents of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB), attached to the El Valle Police Station, deployed in the aforementioned market in Caracas and located the seven subjects, members of the El Cardan gang.

The detainees are: Diannys Carolina Campos Cabriles, Cruz Eduardo Benítez Herrera (20), Luis Alberto Álvarez Montaño, Joel Argenis Brito Vásquez (23), Christian Alberto Barreto Iriza (23), Gabriel Henríquez Martínez Julio (32) and Luisana Natacha Rodríguez Salazar (twenty-one).

By the time of the detention the subjects possessed 480 mini-wrappers of crack and 50 of marijuana.

The procedure was notified to the prosecutor’s offices 157 on drugs and 113 on criminal responsibility of children and adolescents.

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