Plan Avanzar will launch in June 35 tenders for homes for about 100 million dollars

The Executive Branch seeks to speed up the processes and carry out the works that will provide housing solutions to the population living in vulnerable conditions, explained the Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning, Raúl Lozano, after the meeting of the monitoring commission of the Plan Avanzar. These tenders will require an investment close to 100 million dollars. There are works in progress in 14 departments.

The commission met in the Executive Tower on Wednesday the 7th. The Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado; the Undersecretary for Housing and Territorial Planning, Tabaré Hackenbruch; the national director of Social and Urban Integration, Florencia Arbeleche; the president of Mevir, Juan Pablo Delgado, and the president of the Congress of Mayors, Fernando Echeverría.

The measure seeks to speed up the execution of Avanzar, created to eradicate some 120 settlements, which comprise more than 15,000 homes throughout the country.

“We want to speed up the pace, in order to provide more and better housing for so many people who need it, who are in precariousness, are so vulnerable and are living in such an unworthy situation,” he explained.

The minister pointed out that in some cases relocations are carried out, while in others new houses are built. We always try to provide the best housing solution possible, he said. During the meeting, there was also a redistribution of tasks between the different organizations that make up the monitoring commission, he reported.

Works are currently being carried out in 14 departments of Uruguay. In the rest, feasibility procedures are being resolved, mainly linked to OSE. When they are finished, the projects will be closed and the tenders will be launched.

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