Serial killer made his cousin's mother believe that he was still alive and asked for money for him

Serial killer made his cousin’s mother believe that he was still alive and asked for money for him

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In an extremely painful story, the family of Fidel Lecón Choque said that the murderer and serial rapist Richard Choque Flores made them believe that the victim was still alive, that he was a military student and that he had even traveled on a mission. To support his version, the accused demanded money.

Fidel, Richard’s cousin and close friend, disappeared in 2011, when he turned 18. He graduated from college with dreams of pursuing a military career.

This further strengthened the bond between the two. Richard had entered a military institute and promised to “train” Fidel to get him to attend the school of sergeants in Cochabamba. To that end, the victim’s mother paid $5,000. This Wednesday the accused deserted the military institute.

The last time the woman saw her son was precisely when she said goodbye to both of them from Ceja de El Alto on their way to Cochabamba. That’s where the ordeal began.

“He has extorted money from me a lot, he told me ‘he’s in Haiti, he needs this for this.’ He asked me for money, for five years I have given him. That he needs a uniform, for saber, for everything he took me out. ‘He needs stationery,’ he said,” the mother said in an interview on the Bolivisión network.

The family never imagined that the man they had commissioned to “take care” of Fidel would become his executioner.

Suspicion grew in 2013, when Richard Colque was prosecuted and imprisoned for the murder of the young Blanca Rubí Limachi. The accused had buried her body in a house located on the road to Viacha, where this Wednesday the Police found the remains of Fidel, wrapped in two black jutes.

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The family suspected Richard and asked about the whereabouts of the young man, but they did not find an accurate answer. The murderer told her that he was in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and other places that the mother visited in the hope of finding him.

Two years later, the family filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office, but the man who was “silent” as a child took advantage of the right to silence and the process fell through.

Threats through anonymous calls against Fidel’s mother and sister ended up burying the demands for justice and the trials.

“He was my brother’s best friend, he was from the family, he ate and lived with us,” said the sister, broken by tears.

Richard had kept the secret very well. Until a few days ago, when the agents tied the dots and established the final destination of the young man who wanted to be a soldier.

She was the first victim of the murderer, femicide and serial rapist. Then he claimed the lives of Blanca Rubí and in 2020 of Iris and Lucy, but the researchers believe that there are more deaths in his history, one of them a chef who was his neighbor in the Ballivián area, where they found the remains of the last two young women .

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