Sergio Botana suffered a car accident when he was going to an act for the LUC

The nationalist senator Sergio Botana suffered a car accident along with his driver on the way to Vichadero, Rivera, for a campaign event in defense of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC), reported Underlined (Channel 10) and confirmed from the surroundings of the legislator to The Observer.

The incident occurred this morning, on a road that is under repair and therefore has a lot of “loose soil,” explained the sources consulted. The accident occurred due to an oversight, and ended with the car several meters from the road.

Both Botana and his driver did not have any serious injuries and the legislator is already at the Vichadero act, said people close to the senator and shared a photo of the legislator at the event. The car’s airbag activated and the senator barely had a few “bruises” on his face.

Snack at the event in Vichadero after his accident

The act in defense of the LUC began at 10 am in the Aparicio Saravia square and was also attended by the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber. On Sunday, both politicians were present at a ceremony held at the House of the National Party in the city of Treinta y Tres.

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