Seremi de Transporte de Valparaíso assures that, after requesting an audit for “possible corruption”, they demanded his resignation

The Government of President Gabriel Boric confirmed the resignation of Enrique Vinet Huerta from the Ministerial Secretariat of the Valparaíso Region Transportation portfolio. “His departure is due to strictly professional reasons and his replacement will be communicated in a timely manner,” the Executive said in a public statement, regarding the engineer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso who had taken office on April 1, for which he was only 35 days. in charge.

Later the engineer explained to the regional media Green Light Informs that he has not resigned but that he was asked to resign, along with arguing that “several situations detected within the Regional Ministerial Secretariat (Seremi) go against my solid principles of honesty and professional ethics.”

Vinet pointed out that he officially took office on April 4 and reported that a few days later he discovered “a series of claims and accusations” that had been filed with the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, reiterated information letters from the Chamber of Deputies. , Social Organizations, drivers’ unions and businessmen, “all pointing to the Regional Public Transport Unit”. And he explained that the complaints range from “subsidy allocation preferences to lack of transparency in the control of frequencies and routes.”

The resigned Seremi reported that, in the face of said trades, he requested an Internal Audit from the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, to whom he would have delivered a series of documents to support his request. “Unfortunately, I did not have the requested support, but rather the harassment and interference of the Regional Public Transportation Manager, Mr. Pablo Ulloa, who reports directly to the National Public Transportation Chief, Mr. Alan Sepúlveda,” Vinet lashed out.

Regarding the complaints, he said that the main demands were “lack of transparency in the information”, and therefore sought to “clarify the possible existence of corruption within the Seremi of Transport and Telecommunications, especially in the Transport Unit Regional Public (TPR)”.

He also commented that there was an issue raised by companies due to “lack of drivers”, for which Vinet said that he managed with Sence “an extra number of driver training scholarships, which in this semester will be increased to 120 scholarships, which will allow those who have more than two years with class B go to class A3 and A5 license, with the use of distance classes and use of simulated “.

It is worth mentioning that, according to emmol, from the Transportation portfolio they later clarified that Enrique Vinet “was asked to resign on Friday at the last minute.” And they argued that “that is why there is no signed paper.” “But he was informed and the reasons were also explained to him, which have nothing to do with what he wields now. He is no longer part of the ministry.”

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