Sensitive blow for criminal groups operating in the north

Sensitive blow for criminal groups operating in the north

The Joint Task Forces (FTC) had a confrontation with the members of a criminal group. As of the closing of this publication, it has not yet been confirmed, but it would be members of the Armed Peasant Association (ACA – EP).

The incident occurred in the town of José Félix López, better known as former Puentesiño in Concepción.

The Tte. Cnel. Luis Apesteguía, spokesman for the Joint Task Forces (FTC), detailed for 730 AM that, during a patrol, the special operations forces were shot and responded to the attack. The confrontation left several attackers dead.

Arnaldo Giuzzio, Minister of the Interior, reported for the same radio station that there are four deceased persons. One of them after a direct confrontation with the FTC forces. The rest are still being analyzed if they were a product of the combat.

“People talk about the ACA-EP because of the clothes they had,” he reported.

He stressed that marijuana plantations are always related to sources of financing for these terrorist organizations. Therefore, they are settled in those places. It should be remembered that the influence of drug trafficking groups is very important in the area.

The remains will be sent to a hospital in the city of Concepción before being sent to the capital. As for the identities, they will only be known after the work of the prosecutorial and criminal delegation that arrived at the place. According to preliminary information, Feliciano Bernal Maíz, leader of the ACA-EP, would be one of those killed.


Mario Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, went to the scene in this case. The president was coincidentally in the department of San Pedro (bordering Concepción) conducting a government session.


On June 28, in the town of José Félix López, former Puentesiño (Concepción), members of the same criminal group, kidnapped and murdered the young José Manuel Ríos

This was one of the immediate antecedents surrounding this criminal group.

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