Sendero defends drug traffickers and kills a soldier in Vraem

Sendero defends drug traffickers and kills a soldier in Vraem

Rosa Chávez is heartbroken. On Monday, while she was burying the remains of her elderly father, she received the call that no mother expects: a representative of the Army gave her the news that her son Emanuel Guimaraes had been assassinated in the .

The Joint Command of the Armed Forces has undertaken a series of operations against the terrorist groups grouped in the Militarized Communist Party of Peru (MPCP) of Shining Path that still operate in Vraem as bodyguards for drug traffickers. These interdictions are under the command of Army General Miguel Gonzales Bojórquez, the same one who led the Patriota operation and that the government of Pedro Castillo wanted to expectorate.

On Monday afternoon, when a patrol was carrying out its activities in the town of Quebrada Eloy, in the district of Vizcatán del Ene, in the province of Satipo (Junín), they were victims of a vile attack by the MPCP.

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The non-commissioned officer of the Peruvian Army Emanuel Guimaraes lost his life. Meanwhile, the injured received first aid at the scene. The body of the murdered soldier was rescued around noon on Tuesday, while the wounded were taken to Pichari (Cusco). It was reported that the victims would later be referred to the Military Hospital in Lima.

Peru21 learned that the attack would have been led by ‘Leonardo’ under the orders of ‘old Fernando’. “It is almost confirmed that the attack was led by ‘Leonardo’. Until this time of day (10:20 am on Tuesday) we did not communicate again because there is no telephone signal or anything in the area,” a military source told this newspaper.

Other sources have also indicated that there were at least 15 people in the subversive column, among them the terrorists ‘Gabriel’, ‘Anselmo’, ‘Renato’, ‘Gloria’ and ‘Zenia’.


Sources from this newspaper confirmed that part of the objectives of the operations carried out in Vraem are also related to interdiction work against drug trafficking. In other words, destroy the airstrips, clandestine laboratories, and maceration pits that are often guarded by the remnants of Sendero Luminoso in exchange for cash that allows them to subsist in the wild jungle.

This is how Víctor Quispe Palomino, alias ‘José’, survives in Vraem. With the financing of drug trafficking, he can maintain his armies that allow him to continue promoting what they call “the total democratic people’s war.”

In a recent interview with Perú21, the former anti-drug attorney Sonia Medina maintained that since the year 2000, the terrorists have been one more body, “part of the criminal structure of drug trafficking, either as support for transportation or internal marketing. There are terrorists who are engaged in production in Vraem and have exchanges with drug traffickers”.

In other words, the remnants of terrorism have become the bodyguards of drug trafficking in order to finance the advancement of their perverse ideology.


  • The Ombudsman’s Office urged the “Prosecutor’s Office to carry out a speedy investigation, to clarify the facts, identify those responsible and issue the corresponding sanctions.”
  • The body of Petty Officer Guimaraes will be sent to his mother in the Contamana district in the Ucayali region.
  • The Police and the Navy also mourned the death of Emanuel Guimaraes who leaves behind an orphaned daughter.

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