Senators would reject cuts to the FEEI and the COP

Senators would reject cuts to the FEEI and the COP

This Wednesday, the Senate will study the draft of the General Budget of the Nation 2022. It should be remembered that last Tuesday, November 10, the Chamber of Deputies approved questioned redirections. One of them was a cut of US $ 17 million to the Fund for Excellence in Education and Research (FEEI) to be used for a “contingency fund”. Part of this fund had to make disbursements to political parties.

Another fund cut was that of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP), for the celebration of the Odesur 2022 Games. It is about US $ 18,540 (G. 127 million). Just to name some of the most criticized.

Salyn Buzarquis, national senator for the PLRA, pointed out that a way must be seen to replenish the resources to the FEEI. Mainly for scientific investigations.

“We are going to modify. It is a public commitment. We are going to fight for the resources of the Olympics of the South American tournament raised by the Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP). The Senate always has the last word on the budget issue, ”he commented.

Regarding the resources for political parties, he explained that there are own sources of financing for this purpose. He promised to study all superfluous and unnecessary expenses, travel, per diem, snacks, ceremonial, protocols, assignments and more.

“The budget is very large, we will do whatever is necessary. I at least reaffirm my commitment to the FEEI and the COP to do the South American that should be done in Paraguay, “he said.

The legislator was confident that there are votes to return their resources to these two entities. He asked for support from the public and the press to exert pressure on legislators.

“I clarify again. The budget is large, the money is never enough, but it is a matter of prioritizing. They all act that education comes first. The only thing that matters is the vote of each senator, the rest is history, “he said.

Hugo Richer, a national senator for the Guasu Front, pointed out that historically, his party has never made any cuts in education. He announced that now will not be the exception.

“We must increase investment in health and education. That was always our position. I am going to receive the technical report.

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