Senators will seek to correct vacation minutes and give the 12 continuous days

Senators will seek to correct vacation minutes and give the 12 continuous days

In this framework, the coordinator of the Morena senators, Ricardo Monreal, anticipated that since the reforms to the Federal Labor Law were unanimous in the Senate, they will defend the bill as it was approved.

“We voted on an opinion and we voted for it unanimously. We are going to insist and ratify that ruling, just as we approved it some 20 days ago; that is, we will ratify and return it to the Chamber of Deputies,” he said.

Monreal warned: “we will not accept regressions in the opinion that we approved.”

At the beginning of the week, a group of unionists and senators, such as Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, from Morena, demanded that the deputies approve without changes the minute on dignified vacations that the Senate sent to its co-legislators.

The document was issued on Monday with changes that will make the 12-day vacation period mandatory, but 6 days will be continuous and the remaining 6 days may be divided as agreed by employers and employees.

However, the publicity process has not yet been given to this opinion in a session of the Chamber, which must discuss and approve it to return it to the Senate.

The coordinator of the Citizen Movement in the Senate, Clemente Castañeda, whose bench was a proponent of the changes, also stated that what was originally approved should be preserved, for a period of 12 days of vacation for workers after completing the first year of work. .

“What happened in the Chamber of Deputies seems inexplicable and inattentive to me, in the sense that these 12 days must be divided into 6 and 6, because there is no valid argument to support it.”

He accused the majority bench of Morena of haggling over that labor right to rest, since they said they were going to defend the working class “and today they are defending, I don’t know exactly who, because the bosses, the businessmen, the owners of the big companies and small and medium-sized companies have shown their agreement with this reform. Let them say who they are with.”

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