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Senator Núñez fires at the RN board for silence after statements by deputy Cordero: “They must decide what to do with it”

This morning, RN Senator for District 3, Paulina Nunezreferred to the silence on the part of his bench after the deputy Maria Luisa Cordero (IND-RN) pointed out that the parliamentarian Fabiola Campillai (IND) would not be completely blind. On Tuesday, the also psychiatrist said in Radio El Conquistador that “he has an eye that works for him”.

Campillai, who was hit by a tear gas canister in 2019 as part of the social outbreak as he left his home, suffered multiple fractures and the loss of his sense of smell, vision and taste. After an eight-month investigation, the ex-carabineer who fired the shot, Patrick Maturanawas discharged from the institution and sentenced to 12 years in prison by the Oral Criminal Court of San Bernardo.

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“Reparation is going to be impossible if we continue with denial, painful, violent attitudes (…) Our society is not going to heal if these comments are made,” said the former vice president of the opposition party in conversation with Radio Cooperative.

Likewise, the senator pointed to the responsibility of the RN board of directors -directed by senator Francisco Chahuan– for not having issued statements about Cordero’s controversial statements. “So far the only thing we have heard is a complicit silence,” Núñez said.

For the parliamentarian, the party leadership has not made its position explicit regarding Cordero’s condemned statements or about Cordero’s continuity on the bench. “They must decide what is going to happen with it, with its political space, the quota and the representation it has.”

Regarding the future of the party, the senator was consulted about a possible candidacy for the presidency of the community. The parliamentarian indicated that it is a decision that is made jointly, but that “of course I would like to. RN has never had a female president and it seems relevant to me at this point to mark that point,” she concluded.

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