Bancolombia announces maintenance of its systems on Sunday

Bancolombia announces maintenance of its systems on Sunday

Bancolombia announced that next Sunday, between 3:30 in the morning and 7 in the morning, it will carry out a systems update so several services will be affected.

The largest bank in the country will carry out said update program at that time to avoid as little trauma as possible and for this reason it said that despite the fact that it is a low transaction time, the ideal is for customers and users to know to schedule, in case of that you plan to perform an operation.

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In any case, he assured that while “we do this maintenance, Bancolombia customers will be able to pay in stores with their debit or credit cards, and withdraw money at ATMs.”

The update compromises all channels and the only thing available to customers in that period of time will be ATMs to withdraw cash, and cards to pay in stores.

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