Senate: Trade Unionists Pledged Support for Debt Bill

Senate: Trade Unionists Pledged Support for Debt Bill

Photo: Amarelle Gustavo.

Trade unionists of the General Confederation of Workers (CGT), of the Argentine Workers Centrals and from different unions grouped in the Front and the Union Current They promised this Wednesday to “military” to expand support for the ruling bill that creates a fund for the payment of the debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In a meeting in the Arturo Illia Hall of the Senate together with the members of the bench led by José Mayansthe trade unionists agreed on the need to “militarize throughout the country” the proposal of the Front of All and described it as “sincere and positive”.

On behalf of the CGT, Pablo Moyano expressed “full support” of that movement and guaranteed that the proposal will be “militated” in the street.

Photo Amarelle Gustavo
Photo: Amarelle Gustavo.

“It is no coincidence that we are the same ones who fought for the four years of macrismo. We will military him in the street when necessary. I want to express the full support of the CGT”, Moyano reaffirmed before the FdT bench.

Hugo Yasky, of the CTAdeclared for his part that “not only” did they go to the Senate to “express support” but we also have the will to military this initiative and turn this into a flag and bring the whole country to the debate”.

Yasky considered that “those who escaped it, those who laundered it and those who are protected by bank secrecy have to pay” and described the project as “viable and sincere” by maintaining that “it is a reality that nobody wanted to talk about”.

“If we do nothing, inertia is going to lead us to the thread always being cut by the thinnest, the workers and the budgets, what we already know and what we already live through,” he said, and stressed the need of more measures “against inflation” by indicating that those that have been taken so far have been “homeopathic”.

Omar Plaini, from the Canillitas guildagreed when pointing out that this initiative “must be militarized in every square of the Republic” and assured that “The United States ended the banking secrecy of the Swiss bank” and “we must make it clear to those media that misinform”.

“How can we not agree if we agreed with the solidarity and extraordinary contribution that the 16,000 contributors did not comply with. With that law we collected 247 million pesos”, he reviewed.

For its part, Héctor Amichetti (Gráficos-CFT) called for “articulating parliamentary action with the action of the unions” and said that he committed himself from his organization to “create awareness” for the support of the norm.

Photo Amarelle Gustavo
Photo: Amarelle Gustavo.

“Let’s see if we won’t win this battle, there are battles that seemed impossible and we won them and the last one was the Front of all that reaches the government,” he said.

Hugo Godoy (ATE) He also expressed his “commitment” and said that it seemed “very good that it is not money laundering but rather that it is State actions so that progress can be made on capital flight” and he believed that those who “swindled and fled the country’s wealth must pay”.

The head of the senators of the Frente de Todos, José Mayans, declared that it is the “obligation and responsibility” of the legislators “to reach the resolution of these problems” and “to seek ways that lead to the economic independence of our country.

The senator of the FdT Oscar Parrilli considered that “it is very important that the representatives of the workers are committed today” with the project to cancel the debt with the IMF and maintained that “when the Fund is there there is no democracy”.

The legislator for Neuquén said that “economic issues are simple and sometimes they complicate them so that we do not understand them and end up taking actions against the interests of the people.”

He recalled that when the recent agreement was voted on, the FdT voted “divided” but began “to think to see how to solve” the debt problem,

Photo Amarelle Gustavo
Photo: Amarelle Gustavo.

The bill that proposes to create a “National Fund for the cancellation of the debt with the IMF” with money that has fled abroad.

A second project amends Law 21,526 on Financial Entities, to update and modify the exceptions in terms of banking, stock market and fiscal secrecy.

Both proposals will be discussed from 3:00 p.m. in a plenary session of the General Legislation and Budget and Finance commissions.

The union representatives meeting with the legislators are the same ones who last week signed the document “Peace, Bread and Work, that the debt is not paid by those below.”

Among the main leaders who attended the Senate were Ricardo Peidró (CTAA), Edgardo Llano (APA), Walter Correa (Curtidores-CFT), Agustina Panizza (ATE Capital), Francisco Manrique (Smata), Carlos Minucci (Apasee-CFT), Yamile Socolovsky (Conadu), Carla Gaudensi (Fatpren) and Vanesa Siley (Sitraju-CFT), among others.

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