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Senate summons Fúster and Velázquez before avalanche of smuggling

The Senate decided to convene the anti-smuggling minister, Emilio Fúster, and the commander of the Navy, Carlos Velázquez, in light of the complaint about a smuggling scheme with the complicity of the authorities.

The call is for this Tuesday, March 15, at 10:00 a.m., as resolved by the Chamber of Senators this Thursday.

The president of the Senate, Óscar Salomón, said that the summons to the minister of the Anti-Smuggling Unit, Emilio Fúster, and the commander of the Navy, Carlos Velázquez, is to explain the accusations that they are accused of being protectors of a smuggling scheme.

Emilio Fúster, Anti-Smuggling Minister, and the Commander of the Navy, Carlos Velázquez (brother of the Vice of the Rca.), continue in their positions, despite the video that shows that smugglers were allowed to pass, under the excuse of avoiding blood. The Capasu expressed his disappointment

The commander of the Navy, Carlos Velázquez, and the anti-smuggling minister, Emilio Fúster, spoke about the released video in which it is observed how smugglers act with total impunity.

In this regard, they argued that it was decided not to act, as they were overwhelmed by the group of smugglers who were armed and intoxicated. “It was evaluated and we concluded that it was better for them to leave, since they realized that there could be reinforcements. The main thing was not to produce bloodshed.”

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