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Senate President and leaders to decide on CPIs next week

Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) said today (29), during a press conference, that he should decide on the reading of the request for the installation of new parliamentary inquiry commissions (CPIs) after a meeting of leaders at the beginning of the next week. Pacheco also commented on the matter later on his social networks. Senate President and leaders to decide on CPIs next week

In addition to the CPI of the Ministry of Education (MEC), which had the request to creation filed yesterday (28) and is supported by the opposition, there are three more CPIs filed longer ago, proposed by government officials and waiting to be installed: the one for unfinished works; NGOs and organized crime.

The president of the Senate said that the opening of a CPI in the Senate depends on the fulfillment of the “necessary requirements established in the Federal Constitution and in the Internal Rules of the House”.

“We will listen to the Senate’s advocacy, the Senate’s consultancy and make the best decision, which I believe should be early next week. These are the technical and regimental criteria that the Senate Presidency is in charge of,” said Pacheco. “Shortly after that, there is a political discussion that I will take to the college of party leaders. With these parameters defined, we will submit them to the Senate leaders, in a meeting that I will schedule for next week, regarding this specific matter”.

Pacheco said that the four requests will be analyzed in an egalitarian and isonomic way and that the advocacy and consultancy of the Senate will evaluate the technical criteria of the relevance of the theme of each of the proposed CPIs. “With the technical report defined, in a meeting of Senate leaders we will have a definition on each of the requests. As president of the Senate, I will follow the requirements established by Brazilian legislation,” he said.

The president of the Senate said there was no problem in the simultaneous operation of several CPIs, although he believes that the electoral period can make it difficult for the commissions to operate.

“The months of August and September will be very dedicated to the electoral issue and we must evaluate the involvement of political parties, senators, in a purpose of this investigation in several CPIs. So, this political criterion will have to be considered by the College of Leaders of the Senate to have the best decision”, said Pacheco.

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