Senate approves budget increase for Comptroller

The Chamber of Senators approved the bill “That expands the General Budget of the Nation for fiscal year 2022, approved by law 6,873 of January 4, 2022, Comptroller General of the Republic.”

At the request of Hermelinda Alvarenga, a national senator for the Liberal Party (PLRA), the plenary session became a commission for prior treatment.

In that stadium, Juan Darío Monges, president of the Bicameral Budget Commission, pointed out that the sources of financing provided for this project were earmarked for the Odesur Games. Therefore, this request could never be fulfilled.

This is G. 15,114 million of budget increase (US$ 2.2 million). The function of the Comptroller is to control the various state institutions. In addition to the municipalities and governorates. Therefore, they require resources for inspections.

“Today there is an urgent need to have the resources so that the Comptroller’s Office can fulfill this missionary function. These days nothing else, the Comptroller’s Office has sent a significant number of interventions to the Public Ministry, many are in the folder, not being able to carry out the field work, ”he said.

Stephan Rasmussen, national senator for the PPQ, pointed out that the budget increase will be used mainly for the payment of salaries. Currently, the Comptroller’s budget is US$7 million. It has 1000 employees.

“These G. 15 billion will come from the taxes of citizenship. That’s where this money comes from, it’s not that we invented it in the budget and happily it exists, ”he said.

Finally, at the request of Senator Amado Florentín, only an increase of G. 11 billion was approved. Now it goes back to the Chamber of Deputies for study and consideration.

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